Firstly this is my issue, i have used backtrack before and never had an issue detecting my current wireless card standard with the laptop, wireless is working, i stumbled accross some interesting information in regards to home made antennas or cantennas and i wanted to see if i could use it to improve the range of aircrack etc. So i went to the local electronics store and picked up a netgear WNA3100, now my issue is, after.. 8 hours of attempting to install this, running into dead ends in google, wiki and IRC i can not for the life of me, get this to work on Backtrack 5..


I am using

- Backtrack 5 KDE 32
- Installed Onto the laptop hard drive
- ifconfig and iwconfig recognize my wireless card as wlan0, when i enter lsusb it comes up Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0846:9020 Netgear, Inc. which says that backtrack sees i have a netgear wireless.
- Now, on BT4, i managed to install the drivers for this, and it still did not recognize, i went to IRC for help, was told to f*($ off until i had BT5, Banned from IRC as i attempted to rejoin today with BT5.

Cant find any help, pulling my hair out, would just like a simple explanation from someone who knows what is going on to help me get my wireless USB to work. Thankyou.