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Thread: not working wirless usb modem in backtrack5KDE

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    Red face not working wirless usb modem in backtrack5KDE

    HI guys I have Problem with wireless usb modem firstly i like to say i am newbie to linux ok so lets begin

    Firstly i used Mblaz Usb modem and trying to connect it on backtrack installed on vmware 8

    i run win 7 along with backtrack 5 if i connect usb modem on win7 and bridge connection then its working fine but i dont want this rather then i like to connect usb modem in only backtrack

    Option i tried so far

    when i connect usb modem it first installed on win 7 after that i try to switch usb port win7 to vmware on backtrack it shows little icon in landslide bottom pannel it shows only disconnect option if i click on it
    so not get any solution with this ???????

    secondly i try to install usb modem software on winehq but it installed only software it also required modem to be connected to install port and some various other things so i cant configure usb modem

    now can it possible on vmware to work my wireless connection or i have to installed backtrack on harddisk ?

    any genius here?

    screen short may be help you to help me
    click Here For screen short download
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