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Thread: Installing CAIN&ABEL in BACKTRACK

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    Smile Installing CAIN&ABEL in BACKTRACK

    i m a newbie in linux from indonesia

    first time using linux, i m interested in security distro, Auditor and backtrack. great collection of penetration tolls. but CAIN&ABEL is still my favorite thing, can i combine it in BAcktrack?

    can anyone help me? i have ever read some article about it before, but i lost that link

    i think it will be complete perfect shopisticate crazy security distro if cain integrated with bactrack...

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    Cain and Abel is a Windows application and i don't think that there is a linux version of it. Plus BackTrack is more deeper and sophisticated security distro than Cain & Abel. If you learn how to use BackTrack you will forget about Cain and Abel.

    However, Cain and Abel is a great Windows application and one day it will have most of BackTrack stuff too but that wouldn't happen anytime soon..

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    learn bt tools will give you much more than using cain and abel........

    drop your windows and learn how to use bt is the best thing you can do
    Watch your back, your packetz will belong to me soon... xD

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    Cain can be installed via wine to an extent - however, not all of the features work.

    Learning to use a mix of Windows and Linux App's would be the best way forward if you are starting out. Bt2 is good but you shouldn't rely on it being the sole tool in your arsenal. Cain and Abel is extremely useful if you can master it.

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