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Thread: Aireplay getting alot more packets than airodump??

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    Default Aireplay getting alot more packets than airodump??

    Hi there

    I'm using the 500mw alfa usb card with vmware player using newest aircrack svn and v4 driver patch.

    My question/problem is that Aireplay tells me the number of packets read, some 200000 packets, but started at the same time airodump tells me it has only captured 20000 data packets... (injecting 507pps)

    Same when aireplay reaches 100000 airodump is almost on 10000.

    Is there something i'm missing or not getting here?

    btw, range on the card is amasing!, where a normal laptop dosnt reach, this card gives out almost full signal =D

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    well, i have the same issue here, but IMHO this shouldn't be a problem.
    The answer is 42.

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