I'm a little confused as to the assortment of setup possibilities for OpenVAS in Backtrack. I think its me not really understanding what the different modules are for. If someone could explain the following components of the system, I think I'd be on the right track.

openvassd - this is the actual scanning engine and part that sends / receives traffic to targets. it is able to accept direct connections / commands from registered users ( ? ) - e.g.: use the openVAS-Client ( guy ) to connect and send commands/tasks.

openvasmd - the manager deamon. I really don't understand what this guy does, other than he can accept connections and then relay tasks to the actual scanning component.

openvasad - the admin deamon. if we have a manager deamon, what do we need this for????

greenbone manager - starts up a http service and contains a web app that allows a user to interact with the scan engine. not sure if it connects right to the scan engine or the manager.

If anyone can clear up the official reason behind all these modules that would be super.

Also, if running on a single computer and not in a distributed multi user environment, is the best setup just to start up the openvassd ( scan deamon ) and then directly connect to it with the openVAS client GUI?? This way you can skip starting up the manager, admin , green bone web app, etc etc.???? Or are these things needed to run it efficiently even with a single user? Thanks!!!!