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Thread: shutdown after execute aircrack-ng

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    Default shutdown after execute aircrack-ng

    hello i have this prob when i use aircrack-ng /pentest/password/wordlist/dark.... my pc shutdown automatically and then i have to remove the battery and put ir back i dont know if its a bug or is just my pc
    Intel Core i5-430m 2.27GHz
    ram 4gb
    nic Atheros AR9285
    graphicard ati radeos hd 545 512mg

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    Default Re: shutdown after execute aircrack-ng

    are u using toshiba?
    cos I had similar problems with my toshiba,
    my notebook was full of dust and that's why it's shuting down cos CPU becomes too hot over 105C and then shut's down and needs an hour to cool down.

    if so all u can do is cleaning off your lap and eventually buy some notebook cooler if u wanna doing CPU-hard task's.

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    Default Respuesta: shutdown after execute aircrack-ng

    no i have a msi notebook

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