Good afternoon/morning all,

I am having some difficulty attempting to crack a SHA512 with salt hash that I pulled from BT.

I created a password of "backtrack" and pulled the hash. I then created a one word dictionary of "backtrack" and attempted to crack it with hashcat (as I believe that to be the only tool available to crack it). I am turning up absolutely no results, yet receive no errors from hashcat.

The execution line I am using is as follows: "$./hahscat-cli32.bin --hash-mode=1800 hash.file dict.file".

Again, I receive no errors, yet receive only "0" results.

I hope it is ok for me to post this question here in the BT forums, as I am at a loss, and can only think of this community in regards to help.

If anyone has any suggestions regarding a different tool (pretty certain ive tried everything ive found), then I am all ears. I would really like to get past this point, but am stuck in a rut.

Thank you for your assistance.