Hi all,

I've recently setup a live USB running BT5 with persistence (using UNetbootin) which is working great, I'm able to install any packages I require with sudo apt-get which uses the 512MB persistence space.

The problem however, is when I try to install my AMD ATI graphics drivers it tells me there is 0 bytes free, yet I still have ~300mb. I'm assuming that it's trying to install this to the 1.9GB partition where BT5 is installed as opposed to using the persistence space.

I tried running a live DVD and was able to install the ATI drivers without any issues, but this is no good as changes are lost when I reboot.

The reason I want to install the ATI drivers is because ATI Stream/APP requires the driver and I would like to play around with that.

Any advice on how I can get it to install the graphics driver using the persistence space available?