with Lenovo ThinkPad X121e you can choose between AMD Fusion C-50 / 1 GHz, Dual-Core or Intel Core i3 2357M / 1.3 GHz ( Dual-Core ).
The model with the AMD cpu is cheeper, as AMDs often are. I read some place that that the Intel based model will perform better in CPU tasks
but the AMD model will be better when it comes to tasks that need GPU power. I guess one needs better CPU performance than GPU
performance when using backTrack 5?!

They both has 4GB RAM with a limitation up to 8 GB. And support 64-bits OS.

In my country, the AMD version costs 425$, while the intel version costs 801$.

So I wonder if what model I should choose to get the best out of BackTrack 5?
Should I go for the obvious intel version or is the AMD version sufficient?