I'm new to BT5R1 and I running into an issue where a program called FOCA which I have installed using WINE is taking up all my memory. Just to give a little info here.. I'm running MAC with vmware fusion that has BT5R1 installed on it. when every I
run FOCA it just eats up all of my memory and then just causes BT to get real sluggish or hang. I've been monitoring the foca program using the free -m command and I just see it eating up all the memory.. I went as far as allocated 3 gigs of ram to the VM and FOCA ate that up within seconds.So my question to you BT gurus , how do I limit the amount of memory this wine program can use on my BT? Thanks ..I tried I believe ulimit -v an ulimit -m and set to 512 but that did not work.. I currently have 1 gig of ram allocated to BT5R1 VM.