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Thread: Openvas - can't login with "Greenbone Security Assistant" web gui from external ip

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    Default Openvas - manage from ip different than localhost

    I want manage Openvas from ip different than localhost
    I've setup Openvas as described in BT wiki

    I start Openvas in this way:

    openvassd # start the daemon
    openvasmd -p 9390 -a [set your ip] # I will use Greenbone Security Desktop
    openvasad -a -p 9393 
    gsad --http-only --listen=[set your ip] -p 9392 --alisten= -a 9393 --mlisten=[set your ip] -m 9390 # I will use my browser to conect Greenbone Security Assistant
    Now I can connect with Greenbone Security Desktop and Greenbone Security Assistant (web interface) from internal lan without "Login failed" issue
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