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    Default UniOFuzz - universal fuzzing tool

    With this python script you are able to fuzz browsers, web services, pictures, files and network services/ports. It is very simple to handle and you can fuzz many things in very short time for much success, so i decide that no documentation is needed. If you have questions or need a documentation send me an email to: pigtail23-(at) Give feedback. Have fun!

    #fixed description from -hm to -m

    Website link: UniOFuzz @

    Download link:

    ./ -h
    usage: -h/--help

    UniOFuzz - the universal fuzzing tool for browsers, web services, pictures, files and network services/ports. #v0.1
    by: Adrian Maertins | | pigtail23-(at)

    optional arguments:
    -h, --help show this help message and exit
    -b templatefile.* browser fuzz
    -f filefuzz
    -ft templatefile.* fuzz files with template file
    -p picfuzz with browser
    -pt templatefile.* picfuzz with browser using templatefile
    -w web daemon fuzz
    -n network service fuzz
    -i 0.01 secounds between connections
    -o /var/www outputfolder
    -s 10000 max string length (default: 30000)
    -m 10000 how many files
    -c A const character (default: random)
    -ip host ip
    -port 80 host port
    -e html,jpg,doc,... file extension

    Browser fuzzing:
    usage: ./ -b template.* -m 1000 -e html/php/aspx -o /var/www [-c A] [-s 10000]

    Web service fuzzing:
    usage: ./ -w -i 0.01 -ip -port 80 [-c A] [-s 10000]

    File fuzzing:
    usage: ./ -f -m 1000 -e m3u/ini/pdf -o ~/files [-c A] [-s 10000]
    usage: ./ -ft template.* -m 1000 -e m3u/ini/pdf -o ~/files [-c A] [-s 10000]

    Picture fuzzing:
    usage: ./ -p -m 1000 -e jpg/gif/png -o /var/www [-c A] [-s 10000]
    usage: ./ -pt template.* -m 1000 -e jpg/gif/png -o /var/www [-c A] [-s 10000]

    Network service/port fuzzing:
    usage: ./ -n -i 0.01 -ip -port 25 [-c A] [-s 10000]

    Thanks and greetings to: mr_insecure, myownremote, noptrix, Eph, lnxg33k, CyberMaN,...
    TheXero, Dexter, and #intern0t @
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