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Thread: BT 4 R2 - Source.lst ?

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    Default BT 4 R2 - Source.lst ?

    Humans! I USE BT 4 R2 and my life will be broken if don't exist any way to have all existed packeges for old sources - Please save me!
    Give me some hope to back my old love working
    Everithing i love will be gone if you don't give me this packeges thas is my os - bt 4 r2.
    Thanks, and sorry just don't delete this topic i know this is not a right forum for that but if exist a some way need to try.

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    Default Re: BT 4 R2 - Source.lst ?

    Backtrack 4 is no longer supported and as a result the repositories have been shut down.
    Have you...g0tmi1k?

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