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Thread: Using coWPAtty for the first time

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    Default Using coWPAtty for the first time

    Hello every one, i want to make a question about coWPAtty rainbow tables attack,

    I downloaded a big wordlist in g0tm1lk's blog, a .lst file, and i wanted to use it on cowpatty as a Rainbow Table. Is it possible to do this...?
    I searched on my backtrack partition and cowpatty doesnt have any table installed.

    Import it on pyrit, so pyrit cleans the file, deleating passwords that dont fit for wpa/wpa2 and then export the file as a .wpa file to use in cowpatty.
    Note: what i want is to perform a Rainbow table attack

    I think that my reasoning is good in all of this, but doing this i guess it wont work because the table wont have the ESSID pre-computed. Am i right?

    Can i export it as a table.wpa file (with export_passwords) and use it in coWPAtty as a Rainbow table as i saw on youtube or i need to export as table.cow (with export_cowpatty) ?

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    Default Re: Using coWPAtty for the first time

    Drag and drop your dictionary right into your cowpatty terminal than your handshake, there are youtube videos for this.

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