Hello everyone:
I am quite new to Linux but have read and read and read...I read the tuxfiles, spent hours reading ubuntuforums, learned much over at refit, and finally have studied the wikis and how-to sections here at backtrack-linux.
I picked BT5 gnome-64 for my first linux.
I used Bootcamp to create my first partition, burned the BT file onto a DVD, saved rEFIt onto the OSX portion but am still unable to resize the WIN partition I made with Bootcamp because I can't find the gparted program in BT5.
I look where it supposed to be, but it is not there.
I try to load it via "apt-get install gparted" and it says something is copied, but then I get this long string of things that "failed".
When I look again, I still have no gparted file to use so that I can adjust the partitions and install BT5 onto the mac HDD alongside OSX.
I am unable to copy the "failed" message I receive because I have to reboot back into OSX so I can type this message since my BT5 has no connection to the internet as of yet. (I have ordered a AWUS036).
Can someone please help me set up my partitions?