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Thread: Anger, Dissent, Dismay, Tolerance, Pain

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    Default Re: Anger, Dissent, Dismay, Tolerance, Pain

    Quote Originally Posted by snafu777 View Post
    Web Page Blocked
    Access to the web page you were trying to visit has been blocked in accordance with company policy. Please contact your system administrator if you believe this is in error.
    Category: streaming-media
    I hate the firewall over here....
    Shoot me the full URL so I can work my way around their "awesome" security please?

    Did I just spoon feed you?
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    Default Re: Anger, Dissent, Dismay, Tolerance, Pain

    Yes, I think that a certain level of knowledge, persistence, and problem-solving skill is assumed here on the forums. As you said, this is a place for advanced learning. My motto is to help a person so that he can help himself. Educating users is a big (maybe the biggest) part of working in technology. I'm coming up on 20 years in I/T...some things just take time. There's always lots of learn...and this is a great place to do it
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    If this forum's platform supports this kind of option I propose to make a distinct separation between users who have real interest in pentesting and the masses:

    If we could separate the beginners and the advanced users then the discussions could be more penetration testing oriented. We could make some tests(again if this is possible with the current platform) that includes linux knowledge, networking knowledge, basic pentesting knowledge, basic bash scripting, some very basic progamming and only those who pass these tests could access the whole forums. Others should be limited to beginners&howtos section, and maybe if they didn't pass but have enough posts(i.e 100) they could read, but not post in the advanced section of the forum.

    I know these test could be passed by googling the answer, but that means that those persons already could also google the beginners questions they have. We have too many users that register, post up to 5 posts, get the answer and leave. If they don't get spoonfed they ask in about two days later the same problem, maybe with another username.

    The moderators could also be split between moderating beginners and advanced users. Some of the "old crew" can get this way more time on their hands not having to moderate the beginners.

    What do you think, it's worth such effort?
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