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Thread: Nvidia driver install problem

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    Default Nvidia driver install problem

    Hi guys, first post here

    You think, omg not again a new thread with a nvidia problem, but i rly tried all i found at google and at this forum.
    I tried to solve this problem sind 5 hour. OK now the problem.

    I downloaded the last nvidia driver from the nvidia page. (310M 64bit)
    I but it in the root directory.
    I stopped the x server.
    now i typed sh NVIDIA....(name of file).run
    ok all works fine but now the error:
    "ERROR: The Nouveau kernel driver is currently in use by your system. This
    driver is incompatible with the NVIDIA driver, and must be disabled
    before proceeding. Please consult the NVIDIA driver README and your
    Linux distribution's documentation for details on how to correctly
    disable the Nouveau kernel driver."

    So i searched for the problem and read and tried all i found, but nothing helped me

    So i hope somone can tell me the solution

    best regards

    ps. sry for my bad english

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    Default Re: Nvidia driver install problem

    Did you try following these instructions to disable Nouveau Driver ?
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    Default Re: Nvidia driver install problem

    yes i tried this, but there are 3 problems:
    first: "2. Type prepare-kernel-source" if i type this, it says command not found
    2nd problem: "Type ./[your driver installer].run--kernel-spurce-path='/usr/src/linux'" i i type this it dont work, if i just type "./[your driver installer].run" the install works, and end successful
    but now the biggest problem, i can start the x server, i type startx and the problem "fatal server error: no screens found"

    pls help :S

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