Hi all, i am having a problem after installing ver. 285.05.09 of Nvidia gfx drivers on BT5R1.

The file installed without too many problems (disabling Nouveau etc.) however i am now faced with the BT5 splash screen hanging after issuing startx. I used the nvidia package to create the new xorg file and everything seems to load as normal in the background ie desktop is available, it is just obscured by the splash screen (3rd icon if that is of any relevance)

The only errors i seem to encounter are:
After ctrl-alt-del to log out i get 'NVIDIA(GPU-0): Failed to determine output resource properties'
and after issue of 'sudo nvidia-settings' i get 'ERROR: The control display is undefined'

The Nvidia card in question is a GeForce Go 7400M and i am multi-booting WIN7 Ultimate, BT4R2 and BT5R1 on a 32bit intel dual core laptop.

I hope someone can help with this, and also, been relatively new to Backtrack i have learned that google is our friend however searching the above errors has returned fruitless results

Thanks in advance