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ALFA AWUS036NHR is the newest alfa card type and it will take some time until we got stable driver as for ALFA AWUS036NH (which is the best IMO)
Hi! I was just wondering: what --in your opinion-- is "some time"? A few month or a few years?

Because I realy want to buy the ALFA AWUS036NHR, but if it can not show associated clients, or can't inject, it's not realy helpfull :S

If I'm not bying the ALFA AWUS036NHR, I was planing on bying the ALFA AWUS036NHA. But your are talking about the AWUS036NH.. Since they are very much akike, with one is better for linux ? (the AWUS036NH with a Ralink 3070 chipset or an AWUS036NHA with an Atheros AR9271 chipset ?)

Thank you so much !!
and sorry for my poor english.. I did my best

PS: if someone knows a better/affordable card than those; i'm interested too ^^