Hey guys -

I've been using metasploit for several weeks and utilizing the default database connection. Metasploit comes with postgresql and would automatically start and connect to its default database on port 7175 . I have no idea what changed, but now it will not start postgres and connect to it. I can manually start postgresql through /etc/init.d/postgresql-8.4 on port 5432 and create and connect with databases, but they are not the one I have been using.

My /opt/framework/config/database.yml file points to a database named msf3 on localhost:7175, but i can't connect to it, nor seem to start postgres on 7175. Even manually starting ctl.sh in /opt/framework/postgresql/scripts does not start the service.

Do you have any ideas? It went from seamlessly starting the postgres service and connecting when i ran msfconsole, to not starting at all. I don't necessarily mind creating a new database and starting my own postgresql server, but I've been using msf3 on 7175 for weeks and it has all my hosts and info.

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!