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Thread: wvdial on BT5

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    Default wvdial on BT5

    Good with BT-4 cos i can just run wvdial and get connected to internet with my dial up modem but BT 5 has nothing like that. Even Ubuntu has connection manager that includes dial-up network. i need help with dial-up program for BT-5

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    Default Re: wvdial on BT5

    Just install Network Manager. It has dial-up support and you should be able to get it through the Synaptic Package Manager.

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    Default Re: wvdial on BT5

    I'm running backtrack 5 as a live dvd and need someway to connect my mobile broadband modem. For now I have to resort to backtrack 4 r2 which has wvdial preinstalled. But backtrack 5 seems better since it has support for more of my wireless cards. Is there an alternative programme to wvdial preinstalled in Backtrack 5 which I have missed?


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