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Thread: don't have any network connectivity after Backtrack 5R1 install

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    Default don't have any network connectivity after Backtrack 5R1 install

    I just installed Backtrack 5R1 on my laptop today and everything worked well out of the box and even the wireless was on, but then I shut it down and brought it home and now I'm not getting any network. I've plugged it in with a cable and then tried the 'ifconfig eth0 up' but it won't even work with the cable in. Wicd shows no wireless networks at all even though it was working before.

    Anyone know how I can get this working properly?

    got this fixed by downloading the latest ath9k driver and then installing it. Now the NIC is working really well and there are no issues with Backtrack. Even using this as my OS now because I can do everything from it.

    here's the link to the driver site in case anyone else has the issue.
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