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Thread: BackTrack5 Installation Question

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    Default BackTrack5 Installation Question


    I am having a problem installing BackTrack5 to dual boot. I am able to boot it from a usb but when I try to install to the hard disk some weird things happen.

    1. The installer thinks I have more than one OS running on the computer. (These include Windows 7 and two Windows Vista loaders. One of which has the majority of my hard drive while Windows 7 has 1 MB. and windows 7 is the one I have installed!)
    2. I don't get the option to split the hard drive down the middle and I think this is because of the above.
    3. I can't figure out how to use the third option instead which is "Specify partitions manually (Advanced)"

    Could someone help me here? Overall goal: to be able to boot into Windows 7 and Backtrack 5 without USB preferably using GRUB.
    Thank you.

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    Prior to posting on here, did you bother to do some research on your own? Have you at least made an attempt using a partition editor, or fdisk, etc...? Please....Please do not expect spoon fed results on here.

    I know it sounds harsh my friend, but that is how you will learn to accomplish things in * doing, and not by being fed....


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