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Thread: Actiontec/Qwest 802AIN 11n won't work

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    Question Actiontec/Qwest 802AIN 11n won't work

    Okay, so I have the Actiontec/Qwest 802AIN 11n wireless adapter. The chipset in it is an ar9170 according to multiple posting on the internet about it. I have been trying for days to get this adapter to work but whenever I use the dsmeg/lsusb commands the adapter does not show up at all. Under Gnacktrack r2 I when I check what chipset it has it says ra9001u. I searched the forums but could not find a solution that worked for me. The power indicator on the usb is lit up but backtrack just seems to not see it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am using Backtrack 5r1 64bit gnome.

    If you have no clue what to do could you recommend a wireless card that has good signal strength/supports mon0 and injection? I'd prefer if it had 802.11N as that is what most of my network has. I've read too many negative reviews about the ALFA awus051NH disconnecting to want to try it.

    Okay I've seen on a couple of sights that the drivers that are included in backtrack work and what I need to do is use USB_switchmode since the device is recognized as a flash drive(drivers when plugged into a windows install from the device. When I do lsusb before the device is plugged in l get all of my devices that are on USB. But if I plug in the device it basically causes the lsusb utility to hang for over 9000 years and the only way to close stop it is by closing the terminal. When the device is removed if I do lsusb again it still hangs.

    Does anyone know if the USB modeswitch utility works on backtrack? Or how it works
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