Hello community.

I was an Ubuntu user 'til the day i want to change it, so i get BackTrack, i want to get involved in the computer security business and i saw this OS is a good way to start practicing.

So, i formated my Ext3 partition (Ubuntu was there) and installed BT on it, everything went great (get started the startx) and i wanted to connect to my Wireless Lan Home Router, but it doesn' appear on the Wicd Network Manager (actually no one).

I tried with the wiki that you guys have, some commands appears to work, but when i try to connect to my Wlan Router (which is conected to another PC, and has conected a Ethernet Modem) it doesn't appear.

I have a Realtek RTD8191SE, i downloaded drivers for Linux (gz extension) so i unpack the files and another issue appears, i can't build (using "make" and "make install" commands) because a module is missing (if i'm not mistaken, is /lib/modules/Kernel Version (mine is

Almost forgot, i can't get the Ethernet to work neither, but at least Wicd recognizes it.

So what can i do? maybe if i get that module i can get the drivers to work, i already saw some post in the forum of guys with the same problem, but didn't help.