I get these errors after i type startx in backtrack 5.

(EE) [drm] failed to open device
(EE) VESA: Kernal modesetting driver in use, refusing to load
(EE)FBDEV(0) :BIOPUT_VSCREENINFO: invalid argument
(EE)FBDEV(0) : mode initialization failed
Fatal server error:
AddScreen/ScreenInit failed for driver 0
What does this mean. I looked around couldnt really find anything.

Are these Errors Driver related.

Also when i type startx the backtrack 5 background comes up but not the japense/chinese symbols. And a portion of the screen is black ( like the resolution is to small ).

I also on board graphic ( nvidia geforce 6150 LE) , So would i still have to load nvidia drivers for it ?

Thanks for the help in advance. And can you guys point me in a good direction to learn more about the backtrack system. Thanks