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Thread: backtrack on macbook pro 2010

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    Default backtrack on macbook pro 2010

    Hello, i have install my BackTrack-Linux 5 r2 on my macbook pro 13'' 2010 using vmware-fusion.
    i have a question:

    if i want to use Aircrack from backtrack emulated, i need to buy an internet wireless adaptor like "alfa awus036h" ?
    This hardware is compatible with my macbook pro?
    There are better wireless adaptor?

    Tnx for helping me,
    Synaptic from Italy.

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    Default Re: backtrack on macbook pro 2010


    I state not to be experienced:
    Backtrack 5-r2 is not released yet! r1 perhaps?
    -Test before you buy if your wifi card integrated is supported by " virtualization backtrack"
    -There are many guides / video network of people who "host-Mac" & virtualizes (windows & linux-distributions)


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