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Thread: unpackage .deb, .zip files

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    Default unpackage .deb, .zip files

    Hello all, im still a bit new to all this and i dident find a thread abut this. if you download a .deb file or a .zip file what do you use to unpackage it?

    running BT5 r1 gnome

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    Default Re: unpackage .deb, .zip files

    Each program is different. Best bet is to read the readme/install file & check the web site you got it from.
    A general guide:
    Have you...g0tmi1k?

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    Default Re: unpackage .deb, .zip files

    dpkg -i <package.deb> or unzip <>

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    Default Re: unpackage .deb, .zip files

    when i tried to install skype, i got a .deb file too.
    i read and found out that there is a packet manager called "gdebi".

    so i made:

    apt-get install gdebi

    after installation, you can doubleclick on the .deb and its installing.

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