Hi everyone,

I recently wrote a little script for automating the procedure of creating a signed evil Java applet, containing a Java Meterpreter payload. It's called Ejacoolas (Evil Java Applet COOL Automation Script) (yeah that's intentional).

Actually it can generate an Evil Java Applet, infect local html pages, clone web pages and infect them, start the handler (or create a script for launching the handler) or download a few template pages from my site and infect them (hope to enlarge the collection soon). It automatically checks for updates and, if you want, dowloads them.

It also has options for importing an existing applet for reusing it, and running in Silent Mode, where no data is downloaded from the Internet (see the help for that, use the -h option).

I personally use it for MITM attacks with DNS Cache Poisoning, or for harvesting credentials with a fake AP (in combination with an AutoRunScript of course). I found it better than SET because it's not detected by AVs (at least mine), since it uses a Java version of Meterpreter.

You can download Ejacoolas v0.5 from here: http://torpedo48.it/downloads/ejacoo...ejacoolas-v0-5

More info about Ejacoolas: http://torpedo48.it/scripts/ejacoolas/blog

It's still a beta, and may have a few bugs, so it would be great if you write a comment here, or on my site, or send me an email (address in the script): bugs, suggestions and chitchats are welcome. I'd like to hear your feedback.

Last thing: thanks to comaX for his support and suggestions!