I have nice systems voice recording software that records and archives telephone recordings. If you don't put the backapp application into retrieval mode before you put the new dvd-ram into the drive it will stay in auto-archive mode and write over the disk you put into the drive. We didn't put it into retrieval mode, ejected it after about 10 seconds and now cannot read the data on the dvd-ram. Now I am attempting to see if I can retrieve any .wav files from the disk using backtrack utilities. I tried to mount the disk from /dev/sr1 with every format I could think of but it doesn't recognize the format. So I used the autopsy utility to image /dev/sr1 which copied the raw data over to my hard drive. Now I have a file that I have called sr1.raw. I have tried to use scalpel and foremost to try and carve .wav files from it but neither utility finds anything. I called nice systems and they said they don't format the dvd-rams with any kind of format since it's proprietary, that's why trying iso9660 and udf, vfat, didn't work. The nice tech did say that when you put it in the drive with auto-archive set, that it immediately re-indexes the disk and that it's proprietary meaning there's no way he knows of to recover the data. Now that I have the disk image on my hard drive is there any way to extract .wav files from it? Can anyone point me in any direction as to what utilities I might try to grab data from this disk? Am I out of luck?

Thanks in advance!