Basically, i want to know if it'll work with just ONE antenna plugged into mmcx connection 2, or does it need an antenna plugged into mmcx port 1 then use port 2 as well?

If i'm not making much sense, to test what i'm asking is a simple 3 step procedure:

1) Unplug any attached antennae from port 1 of your Ubiquiti SRC.

2) Attach a functional antenna to port 2 of your Ubiquiti SRC.

3) Test if it works or not & report back.

The reason i ask is because i've broken the port 1 mmcx connector on my Ubiquiti, and as there's a sticker pointing to "Ant 1" on my card i'm assuming that it bears some relevance.

If it works fine then i've just got to stick a new mmmcx connector on my antenna and i'm all good. But if not then i've got to look at modding the card by opening it up and soldering something on the board, which presumably isn't out of the question but is a lot of hassle.

So......if some kind soul can take 5 mins to test this out for me, and let me know the results i'd be eternally grateful.