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Thread: wireshark shared libraries

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    Default wireshark shared libraries

    I have BT 5r1 and started working thru the new BackTrack 5 Wireless book. Every time I try to run wireshark I get an error saying it can't find the shared libraries for wireshark. Did I miss installing something or mess up my installation?

    The lib its looking for is...


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    Default Re: wireshark shared libraries

    I remember sickn3ss having a issue with wireshark (I dont remember which one), and he found a fix which he added to his update script:
    Have you...g0tmi1k?

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    Thanks for the link to sickness program, excellent script, but sadly did not resolve my problem. I was able to hop on a BT 5 computer and tried wireshark and it loaded no errors, so may be a 5r1 issue. This weekend I will wipe my box and reinstall 5r1 and see it things change. I'll upd8 my results.


    Okay thought I try running apt-get dist-upgrade and watching it run I saw wireshark file being pulled down. After apt-get finished wireshark is work. Hope this helps.

    Steve B.
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