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Thread: Airodump-ng sees non-existing clients and AP's

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    Default Airodump-ng sees non-existing clients and AP's


    I've recently bought a Wetab tablet pc(atom n450, 1gb ram), and decided to try backtrack (5R1, Gnome 32 bit, booted from a USBstick) on it. I quickly tried if the wifi card would be supported.
    It uses this chipset (WLAN & Bluetooth) apparantly: Atheros AR9002Wb-1NGCD (AR9285 + AR3011 in a single chip)

    The first few minutes it seemed to work fine, but then I noticed something weird:
    A lot of AP's and clients were coming up (while I'm living on the country side, with normally only 2 AP's to detect, and atm only my pc that's online). Most of the MAC's of those were all very similar(mostly only 1 or 2 octets were different, either in the front, or in the back) to the original MAC of my AP(for the accesspoints) or client(for the clients), but some of them were also totally different. The not existing AP's varied in encryption from WEP to WPA2 (the real one is WPA2) and all had an ESSID of <length: 0>

    The weirdness goes away (sometimes fully, sometimes only partially) from time to time and comes back again, all in the same session.

    I verified with my phone (N900 ^^) that everything was still normal, and that it was the Wepad who was messing up.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Airodump-ng sees non-existing clients and AP's

    Ya .. I also get messed up entries in airodump-ng. I think that's due to interference, low SNR, low signal, poor wifi card sensitivity .. etc. Actually I know that from one of AP in my area of which I do know it's location. When I get closer to it everything it's ok, when I go to the other side of the house only the BSSID is correct .. the channel is 108 !! , the SSID is "length: >0" and power is -1 dBm.

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