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Thread: Crash After Applying folder effect - startx fail now

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    Unhappy Crash After Applying folder effect - startx fail now

    Hey guys,
    So I got BT5R1 - 64bit installed oo my HDD along with win7 (which I use now as BT won't load up..)
    I've been using it for about 3 days now, customized it and everything .. and just when I found the folder effects I wanted to try them out and make my BT even more awesome I tried several of them and everything worked just fine untill I found the one named "folder explode when closed" or something like that.
    And so I marked it and clicked apply, than I opened up a folder to try it out and when I closed the folder instead of the EPIC explosion effect BT froze and crashed.
    I was like " Ok...I know my laptop is a trash..." so I just rebooted it and logged it as the root user. And as always wanted the awesome graphics mode so I typed the 'startx' and it came up to loading (the chinnese or japaneese stuff or whatever it is) and it loaded up (all the symbols were white) than the screen like..refreshed or something like "blink" and than kicked me back to the text interface along with some message than I should check a log file.
    So I went to the folder and...I got kind of stuck there since I dont know how to open the files from the command line... and I dont know if its even possible to get the file from win7 .. like go to MyHDD and search for the BT folders and file so I could post it here to provide info about the crash or aleas check it out myself.
    I even tried the recovery mode with the basic graphic or however its called, and it kicked me off because it couldnt detect my hardware automaticly and when I selectet the 'Use the low graphics mode only once' and clicked 'OK' it said 'Wait a minute ' and under fully loaded progress bar I was able to press 'OK', so I did press it and I ended up back in the recovery mode selection screen....


    PS: I've booted BT5 from my live CD and tried to apply the folder effect the result was crash, fortunately changes made on this 'testing version' of BT does NOT save so Im free to boot it up again from CD.

    Is there any way to UNDO the Desktop Effects from the text interface??
    Many Thanks
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