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Thread: Metasploit Web command (msfweb) command not found

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    Unhappy Metasploit Web command (msfweb) command not found

    Hello ,

    This is my first post on this forums .I have been playing around with backtrack for about a month now .
    I started looking at this Metasploit , As I heard about it. I started to follow the video tutorials but hit a problem. I cannot launch the web interface for it .I have tried both the msfgui nad msfconsole and both work fine except for the msfweb command as the command was not found.

    I really donít like asking questions especially on my first post .I have tried googling the problem but couldnít find anything .Iím not sure whether this is to do with backtrack , metasploit or me .I Ďam running Backtrack 5 and I have tried it on both my OS and emulated backtrack inside windows virtual box both received the same error.

    root@bt:~# msfweb
    msfweb: command not found
    If someone could shed some light on it for me , I would greatly appreciate it .
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Metasploit Web command (msfweb) command not found

    msfweb has been removed.

    There is a good chance the guides you have been looking at are now out-dated.
    Metasploit is quickly updated, and is currently on version 4.
    Have you...g0tmi1k?

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    Thumbs up Respuesta: Metasploit Web command (msfweb) command not found

    accessed from a terminal:
    cd /pentest/exploits/framework2/

    and run:


    +----=[ Metasploit Framework Web Interface (

    opens in a browser

    that's all

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