I am trying installing INetSim manually because my machine is standalone. I first install the required packages (Net_server, IO_Socket_SSL, perlipq, Net_DNS, IPC-Shareable, and Digest_SHA1). My problem is on the installation of the perlipq library. On the readme file mentioned that you need to install the iptables, because the iptables that BT5 is running meets the version requirement, I didn't think I have to re-install it. However, the next step is to run "make install-devel", I believe this is done when you are installing the iptables. That command is supposed to install the iptables development components in /usr/local. I try running it by itself but I get "No rule to make target "install-devel" stop". I have been trying searching about this but haven't find anything congruent. Do you guys have any ideas on how to go about this?