Hello everybody,

I would like to precise that I'am on Backtrack 4 and I post here because the BT4 forum seems frozen.

Here is my problem :

When I try to use the command apt-get or tu use synaptic to download new applications (gedit,texlive,scilab...), I get some error message like :

"W: Failed to fetch http://archive.offensive-security.com/pool/main/g/gtksourceview2/libgtksourceview2.0-common_2.4.1-0ubuntu1_all.deb" ...

At first i thought it has something to do with my configuration to link the shell and synaptic to internet.
But for synaptic my setting is "direct connexion" which is correct.
Moreover I can't ping archive.offensive-security.com in my shell but i can ping other websites whithout problems.

I don't know if the repositories are no more accessible or if it has something to do with my connection (I changed of internet box recntly...).

Some clues would be welcome!

Thank you!