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Thread: Greenbone Desktop - Reports won't export?

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    Default Greenbone Desktop - Reports won't export?

    Backtrack 5r1 in Oracle Virtual Box.

    Setup and updated OpenVAS and Greenbone Desktop per the wiki, everything went perfect.

    Set up a few targets in my test network and let the scans run, no problem.

    Scan shows overview results in both the dashboard charts as well as the info tables below, however when I try to export the report, the file is empty. I have tried filtered, all filtered and full report, no dice. Every time the file will show in the directory where I saved, but the file will be be 0 kb.

    Has anyone else run into this issue?

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    Default Re: Greenbone Desktop - Reports won't export?

    I have a similar issue, it seems to only affect me when I am trying to save the report as a PDF. All the others have worked for me thus far. I have been searching around on Google trying to find an answer for about 2 hours now. I thought I had found a fix at one point, but it was for CentOS and the file they said to change wasn't on BT5R1.

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