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Thread: exploits founds but no active session opened

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    Question exploits founds but no active session opened

    Could anyone explain this to me, please.
    What could be the reason?
    Most people get meterpreter session at this stage.

    Interface: Armitage.
    Options: All defaults.

    Both computers have xp installed on them. I even have disabled firewall on them.

    1) Finding exploits (via db_autopwn) Found 102 exploits Found 101 exploits

    2)Sorting Exploits
    3) Launching Exploits
    4) Listing sessions
    msf > sessions -v

    Active sesstions

    No active sessions.


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    Default Re: exploits founds but no active session opened

    I would recommend you get some basic knowledge on how exploits work that may explain why yours don't. Also some exploits might cause a DoS so than that network service will be down and will not be reached by other exploits.
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