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Thread: Iwlagn/Intel Centrino works very well

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    Default Iwlagn/Intel Centrino works very well

    There seem to be mixed reports about these wireless cards, but I have found my Centrino Advanced-N 6230 is the best card I've used with BT:
    • Fast and reliable managed mode
    • Macchanger works
    • All injection attacks work
    • Can be put into promiscuous mode without adding mon0 interface eg:

    ifconfig wlan0 down && airodump-ng wlan0
    The only minor problem is the airmon-ng script which hangs at around line 350. There is a ticket at aircrack, and I presume this will be easily fixed. Solutions at the moment:

    1. Use airmon-zc (works flawlessly)
    2. Use wlan0
    3. (Reinstalling aircrack-ng from the repo or with svn did not work for me)

    Overall, a real bonus having a fully functional inbuilt wireless card.

    Update: airmon-ng issue seems to be fixed -
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