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Thread: ASUS F3Sg laptop [customized]

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    Default ASUS F3Sg laptop [customized]

    BT5 R1 x64 running on a modified ASUS F3Sg laptop. spec is:

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Extreme X9000
    Chipset: Intel GM965
    RAM: 4G (2x2G) DDR-II
    HDD: WD 500G 7200RPM 16M cache
    GFX: nVidia GeForce 9300m G
    LAN: Atheros L1 Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T
    WiFi1: Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965 AGN
    WiFi2: Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300

    other notes...

    BIOS is the final official release 306, no need to mod it for the CPU support (even though ASUS specifically said it WON'T work... but i disproved that)

    maybe can go up to 8G RAM with 2x4G sticks, a bit hard to find for DDR2 but i know they exist. but wether the mainboard can map 8G i'm not sure

    blacklist Nouveau and use the nVidia driver, GPU seems to perform much better that way. and to my surprise the 9300m G actually has 16 CUDA cores

    have to uninstall/reinstall the aircrack-ng suite to get it to work... although no need to patch the WiFi cards' drivers. passed all tests. aircrack-ng reports 1.5k keys per second.

    the mainboard has 2 mini PCIe slots (that's why 2 WiFi cards), but only 1 SATA port for a single HDD... but not like that's an issue

    all in all, this thing seems to be performing very well, no other problems so far. the setup is solid for most tasks (although i would like to have a better CUDA equipped GPU... but meh). this lappy's been with me for quite a while now and i'm kinda attached to it. running BT5 now gave it more life... poor thing won't be retiring anytime soon
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