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    Hello to everyone, i'm writing a little tutorial about backtrack which i hope that could be useful to anyone who wants to learn more about network security and to my self which im learning it and i also want to do it so i dont forget about some important concepts.

    So far i've made a brief explanation about WPA and WEP, showed some tutorials about how to get WEP (open sys and shared key) and WPA/WPA2 passwords using aircrack-ng and also with pyrit on WPA

    I'm also writing now about TLS/SSL, what is it and SSL Striping.

    I would like some one to tell me more things that i should search for and put it on my tutorial, like things they think its important.

    What i want to do is to focus on types of attacks that could happen in your own network, would like to make tutorials about how to do that type of attack and the countermeasure against it.

    Thats the idea, show to attacks but also show how to make harder someone to break your network, since there is no 100% safer network.

    Hope i could post the tutorial here when im finished

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