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Thread: Restoring Network-Manager

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    Smile Restoring Network-Manager

    In trying to connect to my home network using a network adapter, i kept getting the error msg "Bad Password". Though the password was in fact correct, i am not too sure of the required format, whether it is supposed to be "fr67-we5e-89th-bkdz-etc" or fr67-we5e-89th-bkdz-etc (with or without the quotes).

    In an effort to solve the ongoing problem i googled it and came upon a 'tip' that included removing and restarting the network manager.

    the commands are:

    removal # aptitude remove network-manager
    restart # /etcinit.d/wicd restart

    the first command worked.........sigh, but the other did not. Instead i got the message "/etcinit.d/wicd: No such file or directory".

    I think i made my problem even bigger.

    Is there anyway to restore the network-manger?

    Any help is greatly appreciated


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    Default Re: Restoring Network-Manager

    Try this "/etc/init.d/wicd restart" instead of "/etcinit.d/wicd restart"

    Works for me on my HD install as well as on the LiveCD.

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