Hey, first post... Now that support for 4r2 was totally cut and the repos were dropped I will be unable to use it in a live environment and that makes me quite sad as bt5 lacks many tools that 4 did not

Even popular tools such as Rcrack (for processing rainbow tables) and Pyrit (cuda wpa cracker) were cut out of the live image AND the repos, other more obscure tools such as cuda-multiforcer were as well, and the nvidia-driver package was cut forcing you to wget the .run from nvidia if you want to install the drivers from a CLI only

First off, if any admin reads this, why on earth was so much cut out of not only the disc, but the repos as well not including things on the disc is understandable, however not having it in the repos forces users to compile from source, and not every one who uses backtrack is a noob who wants to brag about how they have backtrack installed to a flash drive, and i for one always crack from a live environment because its a much cleaner process imo, and that makes compiling every package from source every time i boot up a total and complete pita

that being said, i would suggest at the very least adding tools that were stripped out from 4r2 into bt5 repos, such as pyrit, and the cpyrit-cuda package, as well as an nvidia-driver package, maybe cuda-multiforcer, and some other great tools that i wouldnt be able to think of off the top of my head

i would also like to suggest, instead of including rcrack (which some version of rcrack SHOULD be included as .rt tables are so common, and it is such an easy to use tool) i would like to see rcracki included, its a project from freerainbowtables.com that can not only run the .rt format used by the original rcrack, but also .rti and .rti2 indexed tables available from FRT, and they save disc space and run a little faster

also, it would be great to include the wpa-wordlist package on the disc like 4r2 did as a 400mb package CAN fit on a dvd sized iso (as shown in 4r2) but it takes forever to download and install via apt cause of its size

Last thing i would like to point out... is that with bt5 being more of a stream lined "normal" linux distro style (which is better for noobs... but some pros hate it...) it lacks some documentation that is very useful :/ i had to kick up a 4r2 disc JUST for the mdk3 documentation as it included some very large ssid lists that i like to use occasionally... now mdk3 is included in bt5 BUT it does not have the documentation, i searched the entire volume and couldnt find a thing

right now, im really disappointed in backtrack because 4r2 was a great pen-testing distro, but 5 cut so much out and seems to be aiming to be more noob friendly for persistent installs, so with 4r2 cut and no real benefit other than support to run 5 or 5r1, at this point i am considering just starting to make my own disc images based on debian because bt has let me down and the other pen-testing distros dont really catch my eye