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Thread: Nvidia driver install

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    Default Nvidia driver install

    Hi guys i found the solution (for me works) to install nvidia driver for Bt 5 usb.
    - First of all in windows in your usb directory edit syslinux.cfg and insert into the first boot selection (before "vga=791") "nouveau.modeset=0"
    - Now boot up your Bt, edit boot/grub/grub.cfg and type "nouveau.modeset=0" before "vga=791" and you have a line like this: "...text splash nouveau.modeset=0 vga=791"
    - Dowload your latest linux nvidia driver from
    - Open terminal and type "chmod+x"
    - logout from x and type sh
    Done! Your Nvidia driver is installed.
    For me works very very well. Hope helps you. Sorry for my bad english. Bye
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