i a fairly new to linux generally and BackTrack specifically so forgive my ignorance.

I am trying to learn Wireless Network testing and penetration. I want to test this on my own networks and have never done this before. I have done a lot of research and have some guides on hand to assist me.

I downloaded BT5, Gnome, x64. I created a Live CD. I booted this CD. Apparently the wireless device, TP-Link WN722NC v1.1 is detected.

If I type iwconfig i see l0, eth0, wlan0 and wlan1. wlan0 is the onboard device and wlan1 is the WN722NC. Even though wlan0 is showing it does not appear to work. If I disconnect the WN722NC no networks are visible even though the wlan0 is still active.

However if I enter the command airmon-ng I get the headings Interface, Chipset, Driver but nothing listed.

I ended up downloading the BT5R1 VM image and botting this machine up in VMware. One this installation I can run the airmon-ng commands and subsequently was able to complete a test compromise of bot WEP and WPA2 encryptions.

I then tried BT5R1 x64 as a clean install and was again unable to run the commands. I then downloaded BT5R1 x86 and was still unable to have proper access to the network card.

Why does the VM image work out of the box but the standalone live or installed system does not. Is there changes to the VM image? What is required to get my network card fully operation on the proper installation?