Hi everyone,

i'm searching for a possibility to generate a sentence wordlist, or a possibility to generate such these wordlists with "crunch". I have already read the crunch man page, but with no usefull result.
So you have several words and want to add these words in a "bruteforce"-like order.

payload: monkey, dog, read, book, fun
and maybe <space>'s between these words and at the ending a symbol like ! . ?

so the result should be e.g.:

without space:

with space:
monkey dog read book fun
monkey dog read book fun.
monkey dog read book fun!
monkey dog read book fun?

and now the random order like:
dog monkey book read fun!
read fun monkey book dog.

and at least just with some words:
monkey book
dog read fun book

---so if you have a length from 8 to 20: the result could be:
l08: "monkey dog" (8 symbols)
<- advanced sentence wordlist ->
l20: "monkey dog read fun!" (20 symbols)

thats my actual syntax is just:
crunch 8 20 -o output.lst -p monkey dog read book fun ! . \
\ - is for space, but just once

Thank you for reading and for any advice.

Best Regards