Hi everyone, I have always used loadlin to boot my backtrack live distribs from usb but I hadn't updated it since BT3.
I am trying to update it to BT5 but I'm having some trouble and my searches on the internet haven't been successful.
Does anyone know if it is possible?

I had to switch from loadlin to linld because loadlin apparently couldn't handle the new larger kernel and initrd of BT5.

so this is my command to start linld :

linld image=vmlinuz initrd=initrd.gz vga=791 cl=@config1

and my config1 file :


I basically updated the config file which worked for previous BT distributions, I unpacked the initrd file and updated the ramdisk_size accordingly.
In the previous config file a command "init=linuxrc" pointed to a script at the root of the initrd.gz package, a script which is no longer present in the new package, does anyone know to which script it should point on BT5?

For now the boot up starts but is unsuccessful, I get the splash screen and about ten seconds of commands racing on the screen but it fails with an infinite loop of "can't open /dev/sr0 no medium found" after saying mounting root filesystem and loading scripts /casper/init-premount

Thank you very much for your help

(btw I am not under the impression that this is the only option to multi boot from usb, I know other methods such as syslinux or grub would be easier to implement at this point but since all the thumb drive and the menus are written and configured in dos I would prefer to keep it that way if it is possible)